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What Has Industry Been Saying about Karisma

"I love Karisma Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee. Karisma is very talented and so is Kareena." (Dilip Kumar, Actor)

"I spend my time watching Rani Mukherjee's and Karisma Kapoor's movies. Karisma, however, has untapped talent." (Dilip Kumar, Actor)

“Karisma dances and works with vengeance. I was surprised to see that in spite of being from such a big family, she is so dedicated to her work. She is basically a very good person at heart. She is also a very punctual artiste. I think Lolo has been needlessly branded as a dancer, she is a good actress too.” (Govinda, Actor)

"Lolo's biggest achievement is that she has been the best daughter to her mother. She has given her mother every bit of herself. It's commendable because Babitaji has given up her whole life for her children. I don't think Babitaji could ask for a better daughter than Lolo." (Govinda, Actor)

"I think we were a great combination of class and mass. Karisma is so classy and the urbanites would identify with her, but I have mass appeal. So we could, as a pair, cater to all kinds of audiences. Besides being totally professional, we are great friends. We don't give each other wrong vibes. The body language is only for the film!" (Govinda, Actor)

"Karisma is unlike all other actresses. I see her at a place where Madhuri was, when Sridevi was number one. Firmly established." (Govinda, Actor)

“Karisma is a very talented & intelligent girl. She's pretty, dazzlingly so, lots of energy and vivacity. She would come absolutely prepared with her lines on the set. And besides everything else, there is a certain professionalism in her which I suppose she's inherited from her grandfather.” (Shyam Benegal, Film Director)

"She has that extrovert quality needed for the role, which is very different from those she has done earlier. It is a very strong story with two central characters. Karisma has great depth as an actress which has not been exploited till date." (Shyam Benegal, Film Director)

"I have seen parts of her performances. But then I have seen and met her quite a few times. She is an actress with a great deal of ability. I saw her in Dil To Pagal Hai, one of the biggest grossers in Indian cinema. That film was fine. You have to judge a film on its own terms." (Shyam Benegal, Film Director)

"Karisma was my choice for an important role in the film because she fits the character perfectly. I have always considered her as an actress with tremendous untapped potential. I wouldn’t like to reveal much about her role right now as that would be letting the cat out of the bag. I would prefer the audiences to see her with their own eyes and then respond. As to whether her presence will bring in a wider audience, it’s debatable question. I can only say that it would generate more curiosity about the film in the media and the audience, which is good for the film. But I took her because I believe that she will do justice to the role." (Shyam Benegal, Film Director)

“Even though I've only made two films with her, I can not deny the fact that she's a brilliant actress. She's one of my favourite co-stars.” (Shahrukh Khan, Actor)

“I marvel at Karisma Kapoor's all-giving sweetness & at her unwavering devotion to her metier. I find a surrogate daughter in her.” (Khalid Mohamed, Film Critic; Scriptwriter & Film Director)

"Karisma is a very spontaneous actress and I liked her very much in Prem Qaidi." (Sridevi, Actress)

"Karisma is THE actress today. I will bypass ten other highly popular actresses and zero in on Karisma alone. She is one of the most complete actresses today." (Indra Kumar, Film Director)

"Madhuri never did a Fiza or Zubeida in her heydays. Karisma is a step ahead." (Indra Kumar, Film Director)

"Karisma has proven herself very much worthy of being one of the best actresses in the industry." (Sooraj Barjatya, Film Director & Producer)

"Earlier, I offered her a role in Parampara. Sadly, she left the film because of her busy schedule. I'm glad she won a National Award through my film, Dil To Pagal Hai." (Yash Chopra, Film Director & Producer)

"Karisma Kapoor's sexy. But I think the word sexy is not correct. It's her combination of a baby face with lethal body language that makes her special. The way she uses her eyes and lips is incredible. They work in unique tandem. The way her lips quivered in the climax scene of Jeet was very sensuous. And I'm saying this purely from the point of view of a director." (Raj Kanwar, Film Director)

"It's when you actually work with her that you realise why she is so successful. Karisma's stunningly gorgeous. She is so extremely disciplined and very hardworking that it is a pleasure working with her." (Om Puri, Actor)

"Karisma is very talented and unbelievably hard working." (Sanjay Dutt, Actor)

“A multifaceted actress. Aishwarya Rai has not diminished her demand.” (Planetbollywood.com, August 2000)

“One of the best actors without a shred of doubt, Karisma drifted from commercial cinema to meaningful cinema gradually. She was reigning supreme till a few years ago.” (Taran Adarsh, Film Critic)

“She's fulfilled as an actress. She has proved a lot with her films,now there's nothing really to prove to anyone.” (Bharati Pradhan, Editor Moviemag)

“You can't keep Karisma out for long. She'll be there. She's one of the finest actresses to have ever appeared on the Indian screens & she has yet to give her best. She will be playing the very long inning.” (Shyam Shroff, Film Distributor)

“She's the one in a million. Better than best & more than just a pretty face.” (Indu Mirani, Film Columnist)

“She's a thorough professional. I turned to her for advice many a time during Fiza.” (Hrithik Roshan, Actor)

"Karisma was great, very helpful. We used to go back to the video assist and I would always take her opinion on the better take. She would always tell me, ‘that take was nice, you did that very well there, you should do this here’. Since she is a senior artist, this advice was very helpful. It was fun working with her. I am looking forward to working with her again." (Hrithik Roshan, Actor)

“The number one heroine. She's a thorough-bred professional & has worked extremely hard with single-minded dedication to get to the coveted position she is enjoying currently.” (Kanan Divecha, Film Columnist)

“Karisma Kapoor is one actress who has had it all, enjoying both commercial & artistic success. During her decade long career she has done as many as 60 films & has proved her versatility & prowess at both comedy & melodrama with equal ease.” (M.S.M. Desai, Journalist)

“I'm sure I'll learn a lot while working with Karisma who has years of experience. I want to find out whether I 'm ready to compete with such an established heroine. Karisma doesn't allow anything personal to get in the way of work. In fact, she's someone I can relate with. She's worked very hard to make her own place in the industry. Even though she came from a film family, it wasn't a cakewalk for her.” (Amisha Patel, Actress)

“Karisma was always the shy sort. Ever since she was knee high she wanted to be an actress. She'd dance to Sridevi songs & my father (Raj Kapoor) doted on her.” (Randhir Kapoor, Actor & Karisma's father)

“Many people like me because Karisma ki chhoti bahen hai (I'm Karisma's younger sister). Whatever I am today is just because I am Karisma's baby sister. She is my source of inspiration.” (Kareena Kapoor, Actress & Karisma's younger sister)

"My sister Karisma is my beauty inspiration. She's always been the epitome of beauty and style, whether it was in her films or off screen. Even when she goes out today, she's impeccably dressed, meticulously made-up and very well turned-out." (Kareena Kapoor, Actress & Karisma's younger sister)

“She's always struck that balance between commercial mainstream roles & the artistically satisfying kinds. The commercial Filmmakers would still want to cast her. She's not being ousted by anyone. I must say, Karisma still has her market & there are definitely offers coming by.” (Dinesh Raheja, Film Columnist & Critic)

“Karisma has carved a niche for herself in the industry. Today, she's in an enviable position, any actress would want to be in her shoes.” (Boney Kapoor, Film Producer)

“She is a really dedicated actress. I'd like to work with her.” (Madhavan, Actor)

“Karisma has fantastic body language.” (Anu Malik, Music Artist)

“One person who has the patent on determination & constant reinvention in the Hindi film industry in recent times. She can carries off any kind of role. If she had a Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge, she also had a Dil To Pagal Hai. If she had an Aashiq, she also had a Fiza. If she had a Chal Mere Bhai, she also had a Zubeidaa.” (Rediff.com)

“She's definitely promising as the actress for the next millennium & has got youth going for her.” (Tanuja Chandra, Film Director)

“I've known her since she stepped into the film industry & have witnessed a dramatic growth in her persona. Enthusiasm & passion towards work run in her blood. I take a lot of pride in the fact that I launched Karisma Kapoor.” (D. Rama Naidu, Film Producer)

“Lolo is one of the most versatile actresses we have today. She's a great dancer too.” (Sunil Shetty, Actor)

"Her sex appeal is her vibrant presence. Even when Lolo was doing her first films, I always maintained that this girl would definitely make it and would be in the top bracket some day. At that time, people were busy writing her off.. Many people said a lot of things about her, but today she has managed to wipe all that off and one can only see the good points in her come shining through. She's aware of her weaknesses and has tried improving them. Its her determination to make it, that got her to achieve what she wanted to. She has a single minded determination to achieve the goal and she focusses, on it, without any distractions in between. I think more than her being ambitious, its her mother's ambitions that she wanted to realise. This is one girl who is totally in love with her mother and she would do anything to please her. I think she is the most hard working girl I have seen in the industry. She deserves her success and how. She has grown tremendously. She's a no-nonsense girl. No partying, no late nights, no drinking... She is so vibrant on screen that just watching her one feels energised. Lolo is a female Shah Rukh Khan! Both have so much energy and stamina in them, like all two year olds have! They both are live wires. It is a treat to watch Karisma on screen. She is like a fire. I am happy she is where she is, because I think she is one person who truly deserved the position she is in. and has truly earned it. Whatever the grievances between us and the fact that we might not be working together, I still have to admit that this girl is just too good!" (Sunil Shetty, Actor)
“It isn't difficult for me to gauge her as an actress. Professional is her second name. Working with an actress as senior & successful as her could've been an intimidating experience, yet, she came across as a person sans starry airs. She's the best dressed woman on screen. She deserves it all, be it success, fame, popularity. She has made it on her own steam.” (Pooja Batra, Actress)

“It takes a lot of dedication & hard work to sustain yourself in an industry like ours. I give full marks to Karisma for leading her life on her own terms. No one can ever doubt or question the fact that talent is in her genes.” (Sonali Bendre, Actress)

“The Queen of Bollywood.” (Sameer Annis, Film Journalist)

"Karisma Kapoor has a figure which none of the other heroines can even dream of matching today. The outfits she wears, on screen, may be a bit scanty at times but never vulgar. Sexy does not mean wearing a sari below the navel. Sex lies in the eyes of the beholder." (Rakesh Roshan, Actor; Producer & Film Director)

“I had said then, and I'm saying it again, 'She is someone to watch out for!'” (Jackie Shroff, Actor)

“She is one of the most versatile actresses in Bollywood after Madhuri Dixit.” (Suneel Darshan, Film Director & Producer)

"I and Dharmesh (Darshan) enjoyed Karisma's rapid growth period. She was blooming and raring to do better cinema. Under the careful eye of Babita, Karisma began to race towards the goal she had strived for. Dil To Pagal Hai, Fiza, Zubeidaa, Hum Saath Saath Hain, were like masterstrokes in her career graph. Karisma is today comfortably straddling both the commercial and the art genre of films." (Suneel Darshan, Film Director & Producer)

“She's a fantastic actor. I'm very comfortable working with her. She's the industry's number one heroine.” (Akshay Kumar, Actor)

"Karisma Kapoor and I have done five films together - Pramod Chakravarthy's Deedar, AG Nadiadwala's Lahoo Ke Do Rang, Yash Chopra's Dil To Pagal Hai, KC Bokadia's Maidan-e-Jung and now we've just wrapped up Suneel Darshan's Jaanwar. Her attitude towards me hasn't changed from the time when I was a newcomer. Even now, when my career is in the dumps, she cool. Karisma has grown remarkably as an actress and she's looking more stunning now than in our Deedar days. There are days when the two of us don't say much to each other. And yet there are other days when we yak non-stop. Lolo is a livewire. On the day we completed the talkie portion of Jaanwar in Hyderabad, we were so thrilled. Jaspinder Nirula, Lolo and I got hold of a dhol, gathered some dancers and had a blast dancing non-stop for three whole hours." (Akshay Kumar, Actor)

"Karisma Kapoor is one of the best actors I have worked with. Sincere, dedicated, talented and gorgeous. And a super person to add!" (Vikram Bhatt, Film Director & Producer)

"I still remember being in school when she had already started working in films. I have grown up on her films like 'Prem Qaidi', 'Jigar', 'Deedar', 'Anari', 'Khuddar', 'Gopi Kishan' and 'Raja Babu'. When I was cramming through school books, she was already making it big in the industry. Now today when she is returning after a hiatus with 'Dangerous Ishhq', I am thrilled to be her leading man. She is a pleasant personality who strikes a good balance between being a professional and a comfortable co-actor. She never came with any baggage or something. We rehearsed and spent time in understanding our scenes. I have seen that for Karisma, all that matters is how to perform in front of the camera." (Rajneesh Duggal, Actor)

"I think Karisma looks hotter now than she did earlier. At the cost of sounding rude, I still say that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Considering 'Dangerous Ishhq' is a comeback film for her, it’s amazing to see the amount of hard work she’s put behind every scene. There’s so much to learn from her." (Ruslaan Mumtaz, Actor)

"What's this news I read about me and Karisma? Super atmosphere on the sets ya! Wonder why such stories come by! Does no good to anyone! Karisma is going to make a rocking comeback and deservingly so!" (Divya Dutta, Actress)

“Karisma has earned such good name for herself, and its Kareena who stands to benefit from that.” (Vashu Bhagnani, Film Producer)

“The undisputed box office queen.” (Subhash K. Jha, Film Journalist)

“One of the most commercially bankable heroines today.” (Niranjan Iyenga, Film Journalist)

“Karisma Kapoor is a very fine actress. Little I have met of her, she comes across as a very well balanced and mature person for one who is so young. I'm sure with these qualities she will go very far in life, both as a human being and as a professional. I think it's commendable that Karisma is a performer & at the same time she is a superstar. Having Karisma in Zubeidaa is definitely an advantage for someone like Shyam Benegal.” (Kalpana Lajmi, Film Director)

“I have always looked up to actresses like Sridevi & Karisma Kapoor. They're truly the most versatile actresses & great dancers.” (Mallika Sherawat, Actress)

“She is an excellent actress & a big star.” (Anvar Alikhan, Film Critic)

“Professionally, she's got the best of both worlds- commercial & artistic cinema.” (Sharmila Taliculam, Film Journalist)

“The Queen of Bollywood cinema. One of the biggest names in Bollywood.” (Irfan Ajeeb, Columnist & Film Journalist)

“If I were to describe Karisma Kapoor in two words, that would be committed & tenacious. Give her any role, any character, put her in any situation in life & Karisma will come out tops. Know why? Because Karisma knows her mind.” (Kanan Divecha, Film Journalist)

“A simple girl who was highly misunderstood by those who wanted to misunderstand her. I came back happy in the knowledge that some people don't change or baulk down under pressure. Karisma was one of them. It is nice to know that girls like Karisma still exist in this industry.” (Maria D'Costa, Film Journalist)

“She's my baby. I think she's a gifted actress. I admire her ravishing looks. I really got to talk to Lolo when we were doing a photo-shoot together for a mag. She was full of curiosity. She wanted to know all about make-up. I told her she didn’t need any make-up, she had such flawless skin. Last year I called to congratulate her when she won the National Award for Dil To Pagal Hai. She was shooting for Sooraj’s Hum  Saath Saath Hain those days and I for Sawan Kumar’s Mother in the same studio. She said she’d look me up, and made it a point to do so. She was wearing a pair of trousers. I said they look very smart. Her instant reaction was, ‘Let me gift it to you’. I told her it wouldn’t fit me. But I was touched by her spontaneous gesture. I have known Lolo as an amazing dancer. I saw part of Raja Hindustani and was surprised by the intensity she brought to her performance. It was remarkable.” (Rekha, Actress)

“Her second name did cause ripples when she started. But the journey thereafter has been Karisma's own. No mentor, no controversies (barring the song & dance on sarkailo khatiya). Little wonder that she finds herself talking to filmmakers of all genres today.” (Khsama Rao, Film Journalist)

“She has all it takes in the world of films.” (Sunny Deol, Actor & Producer)

“Karisma is my buddy. I'm very proud of her. She's my best co-star on screen & in a real life.” (Salman Khan, Actor)

“I admire Karisma Kapoor a lot. I want to be a versatile actress like her.” (Amrita Rao, Actress)

“She's hero material. She is the apple of my eye. She is a fighter & I rate her as the best in the business.” (David Dhawan, Film Director)

"Karisma has the energy of a newcomer." (Manoj Bajpai, Actor)

"I did this interview for Stardust, and the guy was asking me about every single heroine in films. I was asked about Karisma and I said, "What can I say? She's beautiful, she dances well, that's it!" But it came out very wrong, so I quickly corrected myself and said that she is very talented and all that. I hope it isn't printed wrong or I will kill them!" (Preity Zinta, Actress)

"I am yet to see someone as dedicated as Karisma Kapoor." (Preeti Jhangiani, Actress)

"I enjoy watching Karisma Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi and Kajol." (Deepika Padukone, Actress)

“I am making her do what she knows best - acting, looking good, emoting, etc.” (Akashdeep, TV Creative)

"Lolo is very dedicated to the things that matter in her life and her family tops this list. They are her joy and pride! I know she is very misunderstood. Many way think of her as this girl who knows all the moves. I however know enough about her to know better. She has always been the most innocent one of our gang, always the last to understand a dirty joke! Honestly, Lolo is a really clean person. She doesn't talk about people, period. Normally we girls like to gossip when we are together, but Lolo - never." (SupErna MotwanE, L'Officiel Editor & one of Karisma's closest friends)

"Karisma Kapoor is on the top of my list. She tasted blood when she won the National Award for a supporting role. The usual awards from Filmfare and Screen (even for the Best Actress) paled in comparison. She started taking herself seriously and now she wants the National Award for Best Actress. It was with an eye on that award that she has sacrificed a couple of crores! Her usual price is in the vicinity of Rs 1 ½ crore but she signed Khalid Mohammad’s Fiza, and Shyam Benegal’s Zubeida for one third of that amount. Both the filmmakers have taken subjects that would go down well with the pseudos that usually occupy the award committees. Pseudos in media will make right noises supporting Karisma’s candidature. Karisma has nothing to worry about as she is competing with herself as she figures in two films." (Mohan Deep, Astrologer)

"I love Karisma's body and her enthusiasm. Yes, Karisma has been iconic in changing the look in Hindi films. When we put the brown lenses on her for Raja Hindustani, her eyes had gone completely red but she faced the camera with confidence. My whole aggression she supported. Together, we completely changed the style of Hindi cinema." (Manish Malhotra, Fashion Designer)

"Karisma is one of the best dancers in industry along with Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit." (Farah Khan, Film Director & Dance Choreographer)

"As I told you, I was singing for a character and since Karisma's character has been so strongly and so clearly etched into my mind that she was a very naughty, young and slightly mischievous kind of a person, everything was so clear into my mind that my approach was trying to be that character. And in each song, whenever my part comes in a song, since we are six singers or four singers in each song... everytime my part comes even when the audience is listening to the audio cassette and not seeing the visuals. They should be able to say.. this is Karisma's part. That is what I was trying to do that when people have seen the film and then when they hear the audio cassette after that everytime my part comes without even seeing the film they should say OK this is the character that is singing the song. So that was the attempt I was trying to do. I hope I have been successful." (Kavita Krishnamurty, Playback Singer) 

"Karisma Kapoor's a sculptor’s dream. Has a figure that can carry western trendy clothes like a second skin. In this movie she is a girl who gets transformed after seeing the outside world. First she is wearing long dresses . With screen liberty when she goes abroad she is a different person very trendy, very cool wearing short hair-do and interesting make-up. Her clothes are loud, colorful. Very short and trendy. The clothes were sourced out from all over London and Europe. We used a lot of mix-match influences. Salman Khan was given a very Ricky Martin look. Lots of cool polo necks and rib pull overs and earthy tones. But for the songs we went a little loud with colors to synchronise with Karisma. Overall a fun movie with a trendy look." (Vikram Phadnis, Fashion Designer) 

"Karisma is very professional. Her work comes first. Kareena is more talkative of the two. Karisma's best features are her eyes. Dark colours do not suit her so I use soft colours both on the eyes and lips. I have an affinity towards her. I love working with her." (Ritesh Naik, Make Up Artiste)

"Her personal style has been cultivated over a period of time. Her look is classy chic. So we use thick liners, lots of mascara and maybe a brown pencil in the eye. For personal events, though, she does her own makeup. She can carry anything from straight hair to a pony tail. She looks really nice, even in a pony tail." (Mallika Bhat, Make Up Artiste)

"She makes one thing the focal point a stunning pair of shoes or a bracelet. I have known her for three years. She picked up my dress for her daughter's first birthday and liked my work. There is no effort on her part per se. She is a poised and sophisticated person. She has a style that every woman would want. I would describe her look as understated sharp glamour." (Karishma Trehan, Fashion Designer)

"Karisma is very aware, very fashion savvy. She is abreast of the latest trends abroad." (Ashley Rebello, Fashion Designer)