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Here Comes Lolo

Posted by karisma-kapoor on April 2, 2012 at 8:50 AM


She may be inching towards 40, but Karisma Kapoor looks at least a decade younger. Sporting a scrubbed clean look with her luminous skin and lots of charm for company, Lolo breezed through Calcutta for the launch of the second outlet of Blue & Blues at City Centre Salt Lake. A t2 chat...


Though you were not working in between, technically you complete 21 years in the industry this year...


Oh my god! Do I? (Laughs)… Yeah… I know… I have grown up here and I consider the film industry my home. So, ever since I was a child, film discussions were always a part of my family. Yeah… it feels wonderful to be back and to have just made a movie (Dangerous Ishq) that is going to be out in the summer. I am really excited and just want to tell the audience out there to please go and watch it.


Does it feel like yesterday that you were on the Prem Qaidi (1991) sets?


Absolutely! Abosolutely! I have literally grown up here and lived my whole life in the industry. It has just flown. As they really say… time flies….


How has Karisma Kapoor changed in all these years?


Well, with each movie that I did, I grew as an artiste and as an actor. I think I am still growing. I think the role that I am doing in Dangerous Ishq, I mean, I feel, is going to take me to the next level even as an actor. And I think I have really mellowed in a certain way… matured. I think being a mom is a life-altering experience for any woman. So, it’s been great.


Lineage can be a huge responsibility. How has being a Kapoor influenced the way you have chosen your films and led your life?


You know, earlier I did not have much of a choice because I was a struggler just like anyone else. I think it was only after I proved and established myself… that I could pick and choose my roles. So, in that sense, that did not help… being from any lineage doesn’t help. Until you kind of make your mark, you are just like anyone else out there. In fact, it is more difficult because you have so much more responsibility.


Your mother (Babita) is a role model for you…


Well, she is the real woman of substance. A very strong personality… what I admire is that she has taught us the right values in life. Though we came from an illustrious background, she saw to it that we had absolutely normal values. And that’s what we thank her for today. That is something that I can imbibe in my children and that is the biggest piece of knowledge I have ever had.


Your sister Kareena Kapoor really looks up to you. What do you keep telling her?


I think she has evolved as a great actress and a great human being. She makes her own decisions today. Though we are so close, we are very different from each other. And I think that’s the magic. So, I don’t tell her now. She tells me! (Smiles.)


Have you told her anything about handling success and failure?


Well, you will have to keep your head firmly on your shoulders. And it is a part and parcel of life. You have to take both in the right spirit. Even if you get success, you must be humble about it and if you fail, you must learn from it.


In all these years, did you miss the arclights?


Absolutely not! I was very happy being at home, being a mom… looking after my home. That’s the best thing ever!


How different is it bringing up a son (Kiaan Raj) from a daughter (Samaira)?


Oh my god! (Laughs) I think they both keep you on your toes, but it is very different. I think my daughter is very docile and my boy is very naughty.


Why did you choose Dangerous Ishq?


It is a role that will take me as an actor, hopefully, to the next level. It’s been a great experience for me. It is not about hit or flop. It is a woman-centric role… it is a very today movie. It is in 3D… no actress has done a woman-centric role in 3D.


Are you a 3D fan?


Yeah… it is different. Today everything is so much about technique also. It has been a great experience for me and I have really enjoyed it.


You recently launched Babyoye.com (an online shopping portal)…


I think, as a mom spending time with your child is very precious. And why not if you can sit in the comfort of your bedroom or your child’s nursery and shop at the click of your fingers — at better prices in fact and products from all over the world. I think it is going to help all moms out there.


Saionee Chakraborty

My day bag: A big bag. I put my whole house into it. It is a diaper bag… everything.


My night bag: Clutch.


The best-looking Kapoor: Raj Kapoor.


The prankster Kapoor: Ranbir Kapoor.


One film of Raj Kapoor that I would like to star in: Sangam.


Tricks to dance in a sari: I think it is god-gifted. It just happened. And in heels!

Courtesy of Telegraph India

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