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Karisma Kapoor to comeback with Vikram Bhatt's Dangerous Ishq

Posted by karisma-kapoor on August 8, 2011 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

By Subhash K. Jha


Vikram Bhatt's next 3D thriller Dangerous Ishq just got a lot more dangerous. Apparently, Karisma Kapoor is all set to make comeback in Bhatt's film. Bhatt is known to have a way with leading ladies - he convinced Sushmita Sen to turn actress after she was crowned Miss Universe. And now Vikram has apparently convinced Karisma Kapoor to make a comeback with his slick 3D thriller Dangerous Ishq.


Karisma whose last screen appearance was in Suneel Darshan's Mere Jeevan Saathi in 2006 (where she played an obsessive woman stalking Akshay Kumar) has been in search of the right role to return to cinema with. She even said yes to Onir's offer to do a role in I Am. But the deal fell through for monetary reasons. Onir had to change the character of the female victim of child abuse to a male.


Vikram Bhatt was determined to get Karisma…at any price. He could afford it after Haunted which has become the highest-grossing horror film in India of all times.


Laughs Bhatt, "Yes, Haunted had made a huge profit I cannot deny that. And yes I can afford to pay my stars well. It's a powerful role for a 30-plus actress who is stunning and talented."


Apparently, the producers want to announce Karisma's comeback in their film in a big way.


Says a source close to the project, "Vikram has met Karisma several times. She loves the script of Dangerous Ishq. It has an author-backed role for her with many shades. Just the kind of character she has been looking for. She has made up her mind to do the film. 

N?Queens Furniture showroom opens

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The grand opening of the prestigious N’Queens Furnit -ure was held in Baridhara, Dhaka.


The illustrious Bollywood celebrity actress Karisma Kapoor cut the ribbon to inaugurate the luminous journey of N’Queens on Thursday, said a press release. The proprietor of N’Queens, Mir Nizamuddin Ahmed was present to exhibit the showroom and exchange insights with the present esteemed guests.


He expressed his optimism stating “N’Queens aims to add a new dimension to the Bangladeshi furniture industry. The brand will provide sophisticated and high quality international standard furniture from the country by always servicing all the clients,”he added.


N’Queens verges on its journey with the promise of sophisticated, modern and supreme quality furniture. It is believed that N’Queens Furniture will contribute substantially in establishing itself as a displayer of world class furniture design, he said.

Since starting her career in 1991, the successor of the great Kapoor family, Karisma Kapoor rose instantly to fame and acclaim. Winner of the Indian National Award and numerous Film Fare Awards, the actress took a break from acting in 2003. After the opening, the actress took the time to look around the complete showroom.


Courtesy of Daily Sun

Karisma Kapoor promotes furniture in Bangladesh

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Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor opened a furniture showroom in a posh downtown area of the national capital, saying this had the potential of becoming a world class chain in quality and design.


She was promoting N'Queens Furniture at Baridhara at a function flanked by film world colleague Chunkey Pande.


Karisma Kapoor praised the designs of the furniture and said Bangladesh was very good at making world class furniture, New Age said Saturday.


N'Queens proprietor Mir Nizamuddin Ahmed expressed the hope that N'Queens Furniture would establish itself as a producer of furniture that matches international standards.


Film actors from Mumbai have been frequenting Bangladesh for various causes.


Shah Rukh Khan led a team of entertainers some weeks ago to promote Sundarbans, the home of Royal Bengal Tiger, as the Eighth Wonder of the World.


Karisma's sister Kareena Kapoor was also here with actor Saif Ali Khan to promote Airtel, the Indian telecom major that has gained a share of Bangladesh's growing market.


Courtesy of Indo Asian News Service

Sanjay Suri replaced Lolo in I Am

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The film was originally written for Karisma Kapoor and was titled You And I


Very few people know that Sanjay Suri's role of a child abuse victim in Onir's I Am was originally written for Karisma Kapoor. It was for a film titled You And I, with which Karisma supposed to make a comeback in tinsel town.


However, the actress later changed her mind about returning to Bollywood.


Onir, who was still very passionate about the subject and was keen on making a film on it, then changed the character of the female child to a male kid and approached his good friend Sanjay Suri for the role of the protagonist.


Onir said, "Karisma liked the script and decided to make a comeback with it." When asked what went wrong, he said, "We were in talks.


The last thing she told me that she wasn't sure if it's the right time for her to make a comeback. That was the end of it." Onir added, "As I wanted to tell the story, I turned Karisma's character to a male character and decided to cast Sanjay in it."


When asked what all he had to change following the change in the character, he said, "Sexual abuse affects boys and girls in a different ways.


The male victim goes into a denial mode, questions his manhood and is also confused about his sexual identity, whereas a woman has to encounter abuse every single day. Thus, the  way one handles it is different."


He added that there is a common factor that concerns both male and female. "It's the fear of commitment and lack of trust, as one has been betrayed by someone very close. It also makes one feel lonely and guilty," Onir said.


Courtesy of Mid Day

Hello! India (November 2010)

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Karisma Kapoor on Hello! India Magazine Cover

Grab your copy right now!



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Ready for her second innings

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Comeback trail: Actor Karisma Kapoor is carefully going through a couple of scripts before she signs her next film.


Actor Karisma Kapoor, who had taken a sabbatical from films to settle down in life, is now mulling over her future projects. Madhur Tankha finds out more….


Being the fourth generation of Bollywood's first family, acting is in her genes. Having settled down in life with her husband and two children, Karisma Kapoor is now bracing up for new challenges on the professional front.


The 36-year-old actor, who had taken a sabbatical from films, says she is ready for any kind of role be it comedy or serious cinema. “The perspective of the film-going audience in the country is changing. The perception and attitude of our men folk towards women has undergone a sea change. Even the advertisement world has changed a lot. I shot my last commercial endorsement when I was eight months pregnant.”


Karisma feels filmmakers need to derive inspiration from Hollywood which believes that actors get better in their skills as they grow older. We have female actors like Julia Roberts whose latest film Eat, Pray, Love is running in theatres in our country. Then there is Meryl Streep. Despite being middle-aged, the two actors are doing so well professionally.”


Karisma is carefully going through a couple of scripts before she signs her next film. She wants to do meaningful roles that can justify her immense potential as an actor.


“I cannot divulge my future projects because of confidentiality. It is not necessary that I get only heroine roles; I can play any character. I am open to the idea of playing smaller ones that have substance in them. I played Hrithik Roshan's sister in Fiza.”


I have been taking it easy for sometime as I wanted to spend time with my family. But I will be back in the film business soon, she says.


Karisma doesn't think that motherhood is a hindrance in getting roles in films. To press her point, she gives the example of Kajol. “Despite being married and a mother of two kids, she is doing such a commendable job. She continues to attract film-goers.”


On the professional front, Karisma doesn't have any reservation about appearing on the small screen. “I am okay to the idea of doing reality show. I recently did Kitchen Champions on Colors channel. There is no demarcation between television and films. Some of our biggest stars in Bollywood like Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan are hosting shows Kaun Banega Crorepati and Big Boss-4 respectively because they are receiving lot of love and affection from viewers. It is just becoming like Hollywood where stars appear on shows on television and give the medium a lot of respectability. In fact, television draws more people than even movies.”


Grand-daughter of illustrious filmmaker Raj Kapoor, the actor says that at some point she will take up direction. “But it is a long-term plan. I want to keep up the tradition of our family of making films. In my generation I am extremely proud of Ranbir and also my younger sister Kareena.”


In the male dominated Bollywood, where heroes call the shots even when they are in their Forties and sometimes Fifties, she has been fortunate to have landed heroine-oriented roles.


“I have managed to get heroine-oriented roles during my two-decade-long career in Hindi films. Fortunately films being produced these days are women-centred. A lot of young filmmakers who have a modern perspective towards society are in the business of making movies.”


Though a lot of films being produced in the tinsel town are made for the multiplex audience, Karisma says a well-crafted film will always run in theatres in cities and towns.


To emphasise her point, she mentions the name of Salman Khan-starrer Dabbang that became the biggest hit this year. It was watched by people in both cities and small towns. We are making cinema for every section of audience.


Describing herself as a health freak, Karisma believes in a stress-free lifestyle. “In the past six months I have lost 23 kg. However, I don't believe in depriving myself. I am a typical Kapoor girl, I love gorging on sumptuous food. Going to the gym in the morning is important for me. I do not just weight training but also lot of cardio exercises.”


Karisma would like to do some social work. “My husband Sanjay is running a non-government organisation that has adopted a village in Gurgaon. I will be going there to work for the uplift of the rural folks there.”


Shuttling between Mumbai and Delhi becomes hectic at times. “I love Delhi because of its big spaces. Life is more relaxed here. A lot of our films are shot here. Besides its greenery, it has superb infrastructure. The Commonwealth Games has greatly improved the city.”

Courtesy: The Hindu


Black Was The Night- Part Deux

Posted by karisma-kapoor on October 6, 2010 at 6:06 PM Comments comments (1)

New moms, Amrita and Karisma looked great in their LBDs at the Couture Week opening party. Where did the baby weight go? Sigh. (text by highheelconfidential.com)

Photos Courtesy: highheelconfidential.com, oneindia.in, santabanta.com, rediff.com

Karisma On Her Early Years

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"To be honest, I didn’t know the first two-years were actually happening to me. That was a very difficult period for me because people used to pull me down. It was very unfair; why was I put through all the trials and tribulations? I was also human and normal just like everyone else.

Honestly speaking I didn’t know how to face all that. If I should admit it today, I used to literally cry myself to sleep every single night. My only contention is that why couldn’t people give me a chance? I was just 18 years old at that time, trying to be sincere to my profession. But people just took it in the wrong way. Even though there were songs worse than Sexy sexy, they made it seem so cheap. Really, that whole episode traumatised me. That was a bad phase for me.

Today, anybody wears a sexy outfit, dances sexily and everybody says, ‘Wah, too good’. Why was it always so tough for me? Why, just because I was a girl, a star-daughter at that, and came from a family of actors? I found it very unfair. But it’s okay now. It’s all a thing of the past.

My parents are very happy and proud of me because I made it on my own. I never had my family to support me. I didn’t have any R.K film to back me. I did it all on my own. I remember people laughed at me for doing Prem Qaidi. They said it was a wrong decision. They laughed at my co-star. How could you act with him, they said. I went through all that humiliation.

People should not forget that unlike a lot of other heroines I proved my mark without the benefit of the best of directors and without the topmost banners. It was all on my own, one step at a time."

Courtesy: Showtime Magazine

Karisma Kapoor: Kellogg's New Brand Ambassador

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Kellogg is a leading global producer of ready-to-eat cereal and convenience foods.

This is the first time in Kellogg India’s history that the company has roped-in a brand ambassador and that too from Bollywood, a press release issued here today said.

Kellogg’s Chocos Rs10 range available in an economical pouch format. It is a tasty and nutritious 4 pm snack for children when they are back from a busy day in school. Children love it for its chocolate flavour and mothers prefer it over other snack options for the nourishment it provides to their children.

Catering to the variety that today’s children seek, it is also available in variants like Kpak Chocos Smacks and Kellogg’s Chocos Planet & Stars. Mothers can now provide a nutritious snack at an affordable price and also fulfil their children’s demand for taste and variety in food at the same time, the release said.

“We are glad to welcome Karisma into the Kellogg family,” said Anupam Dutta, Managing Director, Kellogg India.

“With her support we hope to drive the message that such value packs provide mothers with tasty, quick and nutritious snacking option and ensure a second glass of milk for the day.  Our Kpak offers just the right combination of taste and variety along with ample nutrition. At Kellogg, it has always been our consistent endeavour and relentless commitment to provide nutrition to our consumers at an affordable price.”

With this association, Karisma Kapoor is back to work and will be seen in the new TVC very soon. In the TVC, she can be seen as a caring mother - someone that every mother can relate to - who always wants to give her child the best of both taste and nutrition.

Karisma Kapoor who has recently become a mother to her second child said, “Motherhood has been the best experience of my life and I understand how worried we get every time our child skips a meal or gorges on junk food. Everyday I look forward to the ‘special time’ spent with my elder child when she comes back from school and I make sure that she gets the right nutrition in that hour to take her through her busy schedule ahead. She absolutely loves Kellogg’s Chocos and the chocolaty milk she gets to drink with it. Nutrition is of key importance when it comes to my children’s diet. Kellogg’s Chocos not just provides taste and nutrition but I think is also a convenient snack for all mothers. I am glad to have got this opportunity to be part of a trusted and respected brand, a brand I have known forever, which believes in making nutrition available and affordable  to all.”

Karisma Kapoor: I owe a lot to the song Sarkailo...

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My first break Prem Qaidi is very close to my heart. Actually I was supposed to do Dharmendraji’s Barsaat with Bobby, but it didn’t work out. So, when D Rama Naidu offered me this exciting role, I instantly agreed.


The first controversy of my life too happened with Prem Qaidi. The bikini song instantly put me in the news for the wrong reasons. I think I looked quite fine in the song. My reaction to the whole controversy was silence and it silenced everyone.


The day I faced the camera

My first shot was with Harish and both of us were new, so it wasn’t such a problem. It was one of those light-hearted girl-teases-boy kind of scene, where I had to tease him, and he had to feel terribly embarrassed and walk away. We did quite well and the shot didn’t require too many takes.


My dreams then

I wanted to do films but not the regular films. I wanted different stuff. I wanted to try out all roles. My dreams then are the same as my dreams today. I have done a large number of films that are very different from one another.


You might not think that they were all good or all bad, but I feel each one has played a major role in my career. It’s thanks to all those films that I am here today.


Turning point in career

Though a lot of people believe that Raja Hindustani was the turning point of my career, because it got me so many awards and also wide-spread acclaim, I still believe that the turning point in my career was my first major hit, Raja Babu. The film established my rapport with Chi Chi (Govinda) and David Dhawan and brought me into the limelight.


The turning point happened because David needed a fresh face to be paired with Govinda. We had already signed Andaz together. So, when we met to discuss the possibility of doing a film together, the idea appealed and after just one meeting we decided to start work.


I am glad that Raja Babu happened because I had a good role in the film with several shades to the character. I was extremely hopeful about it’s fate. It clicked and it cemented the strong relationship I have with David and Chi Chi.


Both of them are very good friends of mine today. Had I not done that film I wouldn’t have made such good friends nor made a hot screen couple with Govinda.


Thanks to Raja Babu, I got signed up for several films — Khuddar, Dulaara, Suhaag, Andaz Apna Apna, Coolie No 1, Hero No 1 and many many more. I owe a lot to that film and to the song, Sarkailo Khatiya despite the hullabaloo it raised then.


I deal with my success

By not letting it go to my head. One of my strongest traits that has helped me reach this position has been my professionalism. The success I have today is due to the sheer grit, determination, and the level of hard work I put in.


Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle , 1999