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Kareena Kapoor: Karisma looks younger than any Bollywood actress

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Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor feels her elder sister Karisma looks younger than any contemporary female stars today.


"She (Karisma) has two kids, but she doesn't look like a mother of two. She looks younger than any Bollywood actress even today. She is the most beautiful girl as her heart is of gold. When you see her she looks radiant as ever," Kareena told PTI.


Kareena, 33, feels Karisma is lucky to have a toned body.


"She has very toned body and she is genetically blessed. I am more of a Kapoor, but she is more like my mother," Kareena said.


The Jab We Met star said she might also open her own fashion label after being the face of many fashion labels.


"It is not a plan or thought in my mind as of now. May be yes, sometime later," she added.

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Fans of the Month - May 2012

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Congratulations to our Fans of the Month May 2012 - Samay (England), Eyas (Malaysia) & Tallat (Pakistan)

Movie Review: The film's real hero is Karisma Kapoor

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Subhash K. Jha speaks about Dangerous Ishhq

Karisma Kapoor's grand-slam of a return to form (and shape) in Vikram Bhatt's startling mix of myth and mystery in Dangerous Ishhq makes us forget, even forgive, Madhuri Dixit's disastrous comeback in Aaja Nachle.


Yes, there is life after 30 for Bollywood divas. You just need to get a life. Vikram Bhatt so far consumed in making relatively small films about para-normal experiences, pulls out all stops in Dangerous Ishhq to make Karisma's comeback a near-spectacular cinematic event.


The film told through many eras of tumult, mythology and history engages our attention on many levels. It takes its interestingly-etched protagonist through several lives in search of her missing soul-mate. This commodious epic time-frame stretching from 2012 to the 16th century gives Karisma a chance to slip into several costume changes.


Luckily for her and for the audience, Dangerous Ishhq is not only about getting into the right clothes. Amin Hajee's script makes resonant existential statements without getting the plot tangled in ideas and concepts. Beyond a point it ceases to matter whether the audience believes in after-life or reincarnation. Vikram Bhatt's splendidly executed mythological-thriller just makes you thankful for the gift of mythology, philosophy and cinematic technique that makes a film so daring in concept come alive in flaming colours of pain anger defiance and redemption.


Indeed this is a film that takes us far beyond the accepted boundaries of entertainment to forge a new genre of cinematic experience where the pauranic katha of Savitri retrieving her husband from the clutches Yama the God of death, is taken to an unexplored level of cinema. In Raaz 10 years ago Vikram Bhatt had explored the same theme. Here he takes the theme to the arena of the unknown.


From the opening scenes where Sanjana (Karisma) turns back from a traffic snarl on the way to Mumbai airport to board a flight for a year of a posh a modeling assignment in Paris, to be with her beau (Rajniesh Duggal) you know when it comes to love this lady means business.


Vikram Bhatt gets considerable support from his technicians in building a rugged reverberant artifact that carries the love tale through centuries of strife bloodshed and anguish. The drama is created with a keen eye for heightened emotions. And yet ironically, Karisma pitches her performance at a subdued decibel. Even when her soul screams in protest at being separated from her eternal lover through four lifetimes, the actress exudes fortitude and restrain.


Welcome back, Karisma!


Honestly it's hard to imagine Dangerous Ishhq without Karisma's serene graceful presence. She is never looked lovelier. Never seemed more at peace with herself even when her character is plunged into the deepest recesses of pain and anguish. Karisma gets able support from a slew of capable actors playing her predatory male adversary in various lifetimes. Rajineish Duggal partners her ably through several lifetimes of janam-janam ka pyar. Ravi Kissan and Aarya Babbar stand out among the villains who want to separate them. The judai ka Judas, so to speak. Divya Dutta as Karisma's saheli once again proves she can carry any kind of situation to a believable level. However Gracy Singh as Meerabai provides unintended laughter.


As for Jimmy Shergil, here's an actor who never lets a script down. Here he has a role that reveals several dark shades of psychological trauma as it progresses from investigating a kidnapping to investing in afterlife. Sheirgil is every bit in form. He is Parambrata Chattopaddhyay from Kahaani whose interest in helping the heroine in finding her missing soul-mate is more than altruistic.


But the film's real hero is Karisma Kapoor. She is virtually in every frame of the film. Cinematographer Pravin Bhatt (who has shot most of his son Vikram Bhatt's films) captures Karisma's lucid face in dazzling shades suggesting an ageless fusion of night and day.


And then there are the 3D effects. Never before in an Indian film have we seen the 3D technique been applied with such resounding impact. The flying rubble, boulders and the dust in the key action scenes actually makes you flinch as they hurl out of the screen at the speed of the film's excellent sound. Dangerous Ishhq has the best 3D effects seen in an Indian film, on a par with what we saw recently in The Avengers, if not better.


Miraculously the audience forgets the film is in 3D, as the gripping story takes over, transporting us into several world, moods, emotions and interpretations of love commitment and determination. Indeed Dangerous Ishhq is a far greater achievement than a sum-total of its storytelling and technique. Vikram Bhatt creates an audacious heady mix of mythology and the supernatural. He invents a new genre of storytelling where time passages signal a synthesis of the cinematic medium with the written fable without bending the basic rules of storytelling in either genre.


This film could be interpreted as an illustrated graphic novel with the 3D effects being optional. Leave it out, and you are still left with a film that balances many lives in the same line of vision without making the drama a slave to period or costumes. The film says, love in every lifetime will find its villain. Not a great or original thought. But then who said anything to do with love could ever be original? It's how you tell the tale of love that makes all the difference. Vikram Bhatt tells it with a deep-throated rush of passion.You may not believe in past lives. But this film sure makes you believe punar-janam has a future in our cinema.


A not to be missed experience.

Courtesy of Bollywood Hungama

Movie Review: Karisma Kapoor is back with her new innings

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Movie Review: Dangerous Ishhq

Story: Dangerous Ishhq- as the title implies, is the complicated love story of super model Sanjana (Karisma Kapoor) and son of a business tycoon Rohan (Rajniesh Duggall). As soon as the couple decide to tie the knot after seeing each other from a long time; Rohan gets kidnapped. Sanjana meanwhile, witnesses some moments from her past life with Rohan and eventually goes for past life regression. Initially quite helpless, Sanjana finds a connection of Rohan's kidnapping with her past life. In order to save her love, she decides to help ACP Jai Singh (Jimmy Shergill) with her instincts. Will Sanjana succeed in her mission to save Rohan is the rest of the story.


Story Treatment: First of all, kudos to Vikram Bhatt, to bring forth such a complex concept with a decent amount of clarity. Otherwise, a smooth sail, as the transition from present to past lives is beautifully portrayed with minimal loopholes; the biggest hitch however, lies in the storyline. The so-called shrewd antagonist takes 500 years to understand the trick which leads to success. The suspense element induced at frequent intervals leaves one spell-bound. Quick recall of the past lives with no wastage of time in terms of building of sub-plots is something really remarkable.


Star Cast:  Karisma is back with a big bang. DI rests on the strong shoulders of the actress, as she delivers a stupendous performance. It’s a treat to watch her switch lanes and portay women from different eras and cultures. Rajniesh Duggall plays his part well. Jimmy Shergill surprises once again after Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster, with a flawless act. Divya Dutta as usual, is top-notch but somehow, gets less scope to perform. Ditto goes for Ravi Kissan. Ruslaan Mumtaz looks lost and extremely uncomfortable. Aarya Babbar and Gracy Singh leave an impact. Samir Kochhar too plays his part well.


Direction:  It may be noted here, Vikram in the past had failed to create an impact with a film titled Phirr, which was based on the same concept. This time round, he however, begs to differ and flaunts a command over the subject of past-life regression. He leaves no room for ambiguity with some flawless instances like- how she follows her instincts in the case of the Lord Krishna scene or in the climax scene, where she is very sure of the culprit. He has attained perfection also, in terms of portraying different eras with sets, costumes, accessories and linguistics.


Music/ Dialogues/ Cinematography/Editing: Music has no potential of becoming chartbuster, but definitely goes with the flow of the story. Dialogues leave one numb as they fail to live up to the standards set by other actors. Cinematography is noteworthy with extremely brilliant shots, though low quality 3D spoils the charm at some places. Editing is in complete sync with the direction, with amazing transitions as mentioned earlier.


Ups and downs:  A flawless act by Karisma Kapoor, a crisp direction, intelligent editing and cinematography are the strengths. Some loopholes in the storyline, impactless dialogues, especially in the first half and the music are the weak points.

Overall, with Dangerous Ishhq, Karisma Kapoor is back with her new innings as a powerful actor, who can prove to be troublesome for the reigning Bollywood beauties.

Courtesy of Daily Bhaskar

Karisma talks about her comeback 'Dangerous Ishhq' and what her director learnt about his past life

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Bollywood’s original ‘heroine number one’ Karisma Kapoor took a break from acting at the peak of her career. She embraced household life following her marriage Delhi industrialist Sanjay Kapur. While the film industry felt her void, it was swiftly filled by those actresses who had been waiting in the wing shadowed by the might Lolo, as she is fondly nicknamed as.Today as she makes her comeback in the ambitious supernatural thriller ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ in 3D no less, she is as excited as she was when she made her debut in ‘Prem Qaidi’ over two decades ago. In a suburban hotel in Mumbai, she met up with Kunal Guha to chat about why she’s back and what keeps her going. She also reveals some secrets behind her eternal beauty and newly acquired body.



Have you missed Bollywood as much as the industry has missed you? Has the industry changed much from where you left it?


I’ve been in touch with films because of Kareena but definitely everything is much more streamlined, organized and systematic so that is a great help to actors.



And have you evolved during this sabbatical?


Yes. I think every experience that you go through in life helps you become a better actor. Good, bad, whatever. So, I think most definitely I have changed a lot. I think I’ve become much more sensitive. I was sensitive in any case but most motherhood, I’ve become even more sensitive.



So you’d recommend time away to other actors?


I would absolutely recommend it because I really enjoyed my time away and I had no problems in doing that. May be that’s the kind of person I am, I am not sure. (Pauses to collect her thoughts) I think it just rejuvenates you even as an actor.



Ever since you went on your break from acting, a new breed of actresses have found their ground in the industry (including your sister Kareena), what do you think are their strengths?


I can’t particularly comment on anyone in person but I think it’s the circle of life. For me, it’s very personal achievement that Kareena is right there at the top, like I left that position and now Kareena has filled into my shoes. I feel very happy and proud for her. I think that all the young actresses who’ve reached that position have put in a lot of hard work to reach there so they’re just getting their due. Kareena’s strength, if I have to list them, would be that she is an absolutely fantastic actress. She can be a commercial actress, like for example, she can do a ‘Chammak Challo’ and become the craze of the nation and at the same time she can do a film like ‘Heroine’ or ‘Chameli’ and she’s someone who can really put it together and that’s why she is in the position that she is in.



How does one evaluate a role when making a comeback?


I can only talk about myself since I don’t know what everybody’s priorities are. I particularly wanted to do something different than I have done before. This is because I believed that the audience would want to see me also doing something very different. I didn’t want to come back after so long and do something that the audience has seen me doing before and ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ really offered me that.



But if certain roles have worked for you in the past, why risk doing something different?


Not really. I’ll tell you why. See for me, as an actor, I have done commercial films and I’ve done films like ‘Zubeidaa’, ‘Shakti’, ‘Fiza’ and then I’ve done a ‘Hero No. 1’. I’ve done it all and have worked in all genres. Touch wood, I have been lucky that all of them have been successful. But I think that the audience would like to see me, obviously, in a powerful role, in an acting-based histrionics movie but in a glamorous way. The way I am. So, I think this film offers all the above.



What was going through your mind when you reached a film set after this long break?


Oh my God, I was like what am I doing here! (laughs). But yes, it was a nervous excitement to be back on the sets. Then our film is the first heroine-centric 3D movie ever to be made in India. ‘Haunted’ was the first 3D movie to be properly made in 3D and ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ is the second one. So in that sense, it is special. I enjoyed it and it was a different experience. See, it’s a supernatural thriller, so the 3D element is not about things popping out at you. It’s not an action movie or a horror movie. The 3D will enhance your experience of going through the thrill element in the movie and it’s been used very aesthetically.



Despite having essayed almost every kind of role possible, were there any challenges in getting into the skin of your character in this film?


Oh my God, there were a lot of challenges! The role is in a certain way spectacular- (that’s a word I can use) for any actor. I am playing a girl from 2012, a strong woman fighting for what she believes in. Then she’s a glamorous woman of today and then she’s willing to go through something she doesn’t believe in which is past life regression to solve the mystery, which is unusual. I go through my past lives so you see me in different avatars and different ways. Be it the body language, the dialects, the dialogues that were spoken, the hair, the makeup, the costumes, the locations etc. There’s so much that’s gone into this film. I mean a lot of hard work and energy and homework has gone into this film.



Was there a brief for your character and how did you translate it?


You can’t even get a brief for a role like this. Since it’s so in-depth, there can’t be a brief like- prepare and come. Here, I was playing a Punjabi girl from Lahore so the Punjabi would be totally different from say, the Punjabi that was spoken in Amritsar and that too from 1947. So we had to go into details like how she speaks, her tone and how people spoke in Lahore, Punjab at that time. A lot of in-depth study had gone into all this. Then I play a ‘daasi’ in one life so I had to prepare a lot for that too.



So did you go through recordings or meet people who spoke the dialect your character was required to speak?


Actually, our dialogue writer is an expert in speaking like that. So he would speak with me for hours to get the dialect right (laughs).



Since the film is based on your three previous births, do you personally believe in past life?


I can’t tell you how many previous lives are explored in the film (laughs). But I think I do believe in it. Vikram wrote this film based on his own experience. Like he’s asthmatic and claustrophobic. So someone recommended it to him and he did it and he came to know about why he feels like this in his present birth. He was like a Chinese boy who prematurely died since he was suffocated and that reflects in his present birth. So it’s amazing and unbelievable what all it can reveal and how it can help you in your life. Even my makeup artist has gone through it, so I know a lot of people who’ve done it to believe in it.



Since it’s safe to call your film a supernatural thriller, what are the elements that are needed to make a successful one? Do you have a favourite in the genre?


It’s a supernatural thriller. Obviously, it has to have a thrill element which our film has. And being an Indian movie and Vikram’s movie, it has to have great music and that adds an added element to the movie and the love story angle. So there’s a lot going for the film and there’s a lot the audience of each generation would identify with. ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ would be a favourite, after you watch it. (laughs). I’ll say ‘Inception’, if you need a name.



Women-centric films in Bollywood have always been typecast. But these stereotype have disappeared in recent times. Why do you feel so?


It has evolved a lot in recent times. But even several years back, a film like ‘Biwi No: 1’ was a heroine- centric movie which was a proper commercial movie and it did really well.  I think it also has to do with the multiplex audience. It was much more difficult to prove our point before. Today there are different age  groups of people going to the multiplexes and different theatres. It used to be single screens earlier and the concept of films was also different then. There’s an audience for every movie now.



Lastly, you’ve gone through a dramatic transformation to look the way you do in this film. So, could you offer our readers some tips on ‘how to get the Karisma Kapoor body’?


Oh my God! What dramatic change have I done? I’ve not changed my look. I’ve always looked just like this. And honestly, I don’t think it’s about losing weight. If you’ve seen my previous films, you will see that I’ve always been a fit person. I have always been a celebrity or an actor (whatever you want to call me), who endorses fitness, a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits. Even with the kind of commercials I feature in, like Kellogg’s or California Almonds, it has that element to it. That is me. I haven’t gone through any drastic weight-loss program. And I want to tell all the young women, young girls and young moms out there that you shouldn’t feel the pressure and you should lose weight in the healthy way and the right way and my tip would be: eat small but frequent meals. Young girls think that they should drink nimbu pani and eat some leaves and they will lose weight. That is absolutely wrong and that is not what I’ve done. I eat healthy but I eat correctly. So if you eat correctly, you will lose weight. I am a firm believer in that because I don’t want young women to get the wrong impression and opt for fad diets.


Courtesy of Kunal Guha (Flickipedia)

Karisma's EXCLUSIVE comeback interview with IKONZ

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Karisma Kapoor is back! Well, she was not really gone as the 37-year-old actress has been working in numerous endorsements and also dubbed for Chaiyya in last year’s biggest blockbuster Bodyguard. The National-award-winning actress is excited about her upcoming 3D suspense thriller, Dangerous Ishhq, directed by Vikram Bhatt. The film also stars Rajneesh Duggal, Divya Dutta, Jimmy Shergil and Ruslan.


The Dil To Pagal Hai actress will be seen in the role of Sanjana Seksana, a supermodel who is in love with Industrialist Rohan Thakra played by Rajneesh Duggal. The couple are engaged to be married but a series of events changes everything.


Karisma Kapoor spoke to Ikonz Bollywood reporter, Sunny Malik about the film, her role, the music of the film and much more.



How did the film come about and how did you get on board after being away from films for several years?


Honestly, Vikram Bhatt has been after me to this movie for quite a while. About two to three years ago, he came to me and said that he has a fabulous woman oriented script and if I would hear it. Back then, I was not interested because my kids were young and I had to concentrate on my family. Finally, last year he asked me please, will you just hear my script as it’s totally ready now with dialogues and will you hear it now? I said ok, fine.  I heard the script and if I may say so, it was just amazing. I was intrigued by it and it was something I had never done before. That is something I was looking for as there is no point in me doing a movie that I have already done. This film offers me that as it has a very intriguing script and deals with things that are very relevant today. I think, all of us are much more into knowing more about ourselves. We go to Tarrot card readers, astrologers and we want to know about out life.



What is the film about?


It’s about past-life regressions and is very interesting. The film is a thriller and will be very interesting for the audience. You will see me in a very, very different form as I have spoken about five different dialects in the movie. There has been extensive research about different eras because I go into my different births. So much has gone into the film, be it hair, make-up or the way I am talking in the movie. I did a lot of research about past life regression as I needed to know how you feel if you go through that. The audience will get a chance, in a way to experience that in the movie. There has been a lot of hard work but it has been worth it.



So are you playing 5 different characters then in the film?


You know, it’s not about playing five different characters. It’s about flashes that my character gets of her different lives. This is actually true. Vikram wrote the story because of a past life regression he went through. He realised what he was in his last birth and that is relevant to his asthma problem today. I don’t want to reveal too much but I am sure from the promo’s you can tell that I have different get-ups in the movie, so I don’t want to say too much.



You play a girl called Sanjana who is a supermodel. How was it for you to glam up again? Were you missing that at all while you were on your break?


I did not miss it at all. I was happy being out of the limelight. I have worked very hard and was on the sets right after school. After working so much and so hard, I enjoyed my time and I was very clear that I wanted to give my time to my family, as a woman and a mother. I enjoyed my time of not doing a movie but at the same time, I was working but in endorsements and TV shows. It was nice of being around but not being there.



Everyone is calling Dangerous Ishhq a “comeback”.


The word comeback is misused in our country. I was on a sabbatical. I took a maternity leave and what is wrong if I come back to do my job? It is something I love doing, more than anything else. Acting has always been a passion for me which turned into a career. Today, when I do a movie, it’s for the love of acting, for the love of being on set more than anything else.



The song promos are out and they have become really popular. Can you tell me a little bit more about the music of the film?


The film’s plus point, besides having an intriguing script, is that the music is great and Vikram always has great music in his movies. Dangerous Ishhq has lovely music and I think, the songs are really haunting and melodious at the same time. There will be a surprise for everyone because a remix of ‘Naina Re’, which is an unbelievable club remix which Himesh has composed and it will be on air soon. There is a little bit for everyone, for the youth, for people who like slow songs or lovely romantic songs.



Yash Raj Films recently pre-poned the release of Ishaqzaade, which is now clashing with Dangerous Ishhq. Don’t you think the films will eat into each other’s business?


Honestly, multiple films release very Friday, there are two or three releases. So what is different about May 11th? There have been many times in our industry that for so many years, two or three movies can do well at the same time. The genre of both movies is also different from each other. There is nothing of them clashing or anything of that sort. Arjun Kapoor is a family friend and I really wish him all the very best.



Why should people go and watch the film?


The film has a lovely gripping story and never before has there been a woman centric 3D film. The film has great songs and people will see me in a totally different avatar, Karisma Kapoor of 2012. We have worked really hard on this film and I just want to tell all my fans out there; please go and watch the movie on May 11th.



Dangerous Ishhq releases on 11th May 2012 through Reliance Entertainment. A UK date for release is yet to be confirmed.


Courtesy of Ikonz World

'Dangerous Ishhq' Official Poster

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The wait is over! Here is the official poster of Dangerous Ishhq!

Please kindly follow @DangerousIshhq on Twitter and like fanpage of the film at http://www.facebook.com/DangerousIshhq

Here Comes Lolo

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She may be inching towards 40, but Karisma Kapoor looks at least a decade younger. Sporting a scrubbed clean look with her luminous skin and lots of charm for company, Lolo breezed through Calcutta for the launch of the second outlet of Blue & Blues at City Centre Salt Lake. A t2 chat...


Though you were not working in between, technically you complete 21 years in the industry this year...


Oh my god! Do I? (Laughs)… Yeah… I know… I have grown up here and I consider the film industry my home. So, ever since I was a child, film discussions were always a part of my family. Yeah… it feels wonderful to be back and to have just made a movie (Dangerous Ishq) that is going to be out in the summer. I am really excited and just want to tell the audience out there to please go and watch it.


Does it feel like yesterday that you were on the Prem Qaidi (1991) sets?


Absolutely! Abosolutely! I have literally grown up here and lived my whole life in the industry. It has just flown. As they really say… time flies….


How has Karisma Kapoor changed in all these years?


Well, with each movie that I did, I grew as an artiste and as an actor. I think I am still growing. I think the role that I am doing in Dangerous Ishq, I mean, I feel, is going to take me to the next level even as an actor. And I think I have really mellowed in a certain way… matured. I think being a mom is a life-altering experience for any woman. So, it’s been great.


Lineage can be a huge responsibility. How has being a Kapoor influenced the way you have chosen your films and led your life?


You know, earlier I did not have much of a choice because I was a struggler just like anyone else. I think it was only after I proved and established myself… that I could pick and choose my roles. So, in that sense, that did not help… being from any lineage doesn’t help. Until you kind of make your mark, you are just like anyone else out there. In fact, it is more difficult because you have so much more responsibility.


Your mother (Babita) is a role model for you…


Well, she is the real woman of substance. A very strong personality… what I admire is that she has taught us the right values in life. Though we came from an illustrious background, she saw to it that we had absolutely normal values. And that’s what we thank her for today. That is something that I can imbibe in my children and that is the biggest piece of knowledge I have ever had.


Your sister Kareena Kapoor really looks up to you. What do you keep telling her?


I think she has evolved as a great actress and a great human being. She makes her own decisions today. Though we are so close, we are very different from each other. And I think that’s the magic. So, I don’t tell her now. She tells me! (Smiles.)


Have you told her anything about handling success and failure?


Well, you will have to keep your head firmly on your shoulders. And it is a part and parcel of life. You have to take both in the right spirit. Even if you get success, you must be humble about it and if you fail, you must learn from it.


In all these years, did you miss the arclights?


Absolutely not! I was very happy being at home, being a mom… looking after my home. That’s the best thing ever!


How different is it bringing up a son (Kiaan Raj) from a daughter (Samaira)?


Oh my god! (Laughs) I think they both keep you on your toes, but it is very different. I think my daughter is very docile and my boy is very naughty.


Why did you choose Dangerous Ishq?


It is a role that will take me as an actor, hopefully, to the next level. It’s been a great experience for me. It is not about hit or flop. It is a woman-centric role… it is a very today movie. It is in 3D… no actress has done a woman-centric role in 3D.


Are you a 3D fan?


Yeah… it is different. Today everything is so much about technique also. It has been a great experience for me and I have really enjoyed it.


You recently launched Babyoye.com (an online shopping portal)…


I think, as a mom spending time with your child is very precious. And why not if you can sit in the comfort of your bedroom or your child’s nursery and shop at the click of your fingers — at better prices in fact and products from all over the world. I think it is going to help all moms out there.


Saionee Chakraborty

My day bag: A big bag. I put my whole house into it. It is a diaper bag… everything.


My night bag: Clutch.


The best-looking Kapoor: Raj Kapoor.


The prankster Kapoor: Ranbir Kapoor.


One film of Raj Kapoor that I would like to star in: Sangam.


Tricks to dance in a sari: I think it is god-gifted. It just happened. And in heels!

Courtesy of Telegraph India

"I have enjoyed motherhood"

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Tell us about your comeback with Vikram Bhatt’s Dangerous Ishq.

It feels great to be back on the sets with Dangerous Ishq. There is still a lot of time left before the film releases so you will have to wait to see my look in that. It will be very special as I am doing a film after a long time.

You are a mother of two, (Samaira and Kiaan). Does pregnancy become easier to handle when you have a second child?

I am a very paranoid person. So the second time around, it is definitely better and easier. I have enjoyed motherhood and I think it is the best feeling in the world.

How did you prepare for motherhood?

I read a lot of books, I asked my mother about it but honestly, you cannot prepare to be a mother. Once you hold your baby in your arms, it’s an altogether different feeling. When Samaira was born, I literally did not sleep for one-and-a-half years. I was so worried about my baby being okay. The second time around I realised that he will be okay. But even then I didn’t take anything for granted.

After two deliveries, you can still give contemporary actresses a run for their money with your fit body.

I lost so much pregnancy weight despite eating fish curry and rice every night. People are shocked to know that I eat carbs at night. But my trainer Rujuta Diwekar allowed me to eat healthy. Bebo (Kareena) is the one who recommended me to her. After you have a baby, it is important for you to have carbs and that is what I did. We are fit girls and we eat healthy.

Like the other Kapoors, are you also a foodie?

People are shocked to know that I am a typical ‘Kapoor’ and a big foodie. I have very bad eating habits. I have been eating biryani and chocolate cake all the time. Being Punjabi, Bebo and I both eat a lot of gobi parathas. Our trainer taught us to eat right and that it is not important to starve but to eat every two hours, to be fit and feel fantastic. (Courtesy of Deccan Chronicle)

Rajneesh Duggal to romance Karisma Kapoor in Dangerous Ishq

Posted by karisma-kapoor on August 8, 2011 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

By Bollywood Hungama News Network


Rajneesh Duggal, the model turned actor who made his debut with Vikram Bhatt's 1920 and also features in Bhatt's production Phhir, has now been signed on for Vikram's next titled Dangerous Ishq. The film Dangerous Ishq, which has been much talked about as being the comeback vehicle for Karisma Kapoor, will see Duggal in the lead role romancing the actress.


The film's story apparently, spans across four generations and will see Karisma in multiple looks, while Rajneesh plays her love interest in all the four eras. Dangerous Ishq goes on the floors in September this year.